Fried Fish Cake Soup (어묵국)

I’ve really been wanting to make Korean food for the longest time so I thought it’d be fun to make something that is simple and simply looks delicious. I followed Aeriskitchen’s recipe because it also came with a video.

The only difference is that I ended up taking the fish cake off the skewers because mine became floppy. Furthermore, I added 2 anchovies into the broth.



Take out anchovies, kelp, and add fish cake and soy sauce.


This soup is definitely something to drink on a cold day. The chili’s add a nice kick to it while the anchovies, Korean radish, and fish cake is an amazing taste combination.

If you would like to make this recipe yourself, check out the following link to Aeriskitchen’s recipe:


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I really enjoy cooking and thought I'd blog about new recipes that I try.
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