Daigakuimo 大学芋


2nd recipe I tried this weekend. Thought it was fairly easy and straight forward.. and probably one of the only recipes i’ll ever be able to try from cookingwithdog (on youtube). If you look at her other videos, they are rather intense so maybe when I have more time i’ll try this December.

I apologize in advanced for the whack quality of the pictures because they were taken on my cell phone. Didn’t have access to a digital camera when I made this.

I went to a normal grocery store and found sweet potatoes but they had brown skin. So, I went to H-mart and picked up “korean” sweet potatoes which has this purple skin similar to the one used in the cookingwithdog video. I used white sugar as well because I didn’t have brown sugar (?) that is used.

Throw it all into the pan and cook. Rotate. Make it brown 🙂

And add a little soy sauce and panfry for a little bit. Poke with a skewer to determine if the sweet potato is cooked through.

DONE! I sprinkled with white sesame seeds because I totally forgot to buy black sesame seeds. Overall, it wasn’t bad. Very sweet so I recommend you do cut back on the sugar a little. This quick recipe took me less than 10 minutes (had a small sweet potato) and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

click the link for the recipe/video of how to make this item : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7ParA5-qrc


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I really enjoy cooking and thought I'd blog about new recipes that I try.
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