Seasoned Soybean Curd with Rice (유부 초밥)

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the long delay. Marking and homework hit me hard for the past few months.

I decided to try this recipe out as it was fairly simple and didn’t take a lot of time. The instructions were straight forward.

Below is a package of the pre-seasoned beancurd. It also came with lemon sauce which I didn’t use. You can find this at your local korean supermarket. Unfortunately, I don’t believe T&T has this the last time I checked.

Steam the rice, panfry the carrots and onion. Mix the veggies, dried veggie package, vinegar, and the rice. Open up a package of the pre-seasoned beancurd and drain some of the liquid out. I found it is best not to squeeze the beancurd to much or all the liquid/flavoring will come out leaving it bland.

Use a teaspoon and fill the beancurd with the mixture. Line them up on a plate and you are done!!

The recipe can be found at:
I made this a 2nd time because the package came with a lot of bean curd. I cut back on the rice so I would get more vinegar flavor and diced up the veggies into smaller pieces. Overall, it was okay. I would rather go to a Sushi place and get Inari because it’s easier .. and i’m lazy.


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