SiGeumChi JangTteok 시금치 장떡

Okay. So another recipe that I tried this weekend. Another simple one because I had so much to mark this weekend.

The ingredients are below: I used pancake flour instead of flour so I could eliminate the egg in the original recipe. I also used half a cup of frying flour as suggested.

1. Mix the flour, water, salt, and red pepper paste.

2. Add veggies. I added too much spinach — but it is okay! More Iron 🙂

3. Mix Mix.

4. Add into an oiled pan on medium/medium-high. You need quite a lot of oil to have that crispy outside texture.

5. Fry on both sides and serve hot/warm.

This recipe was good. However, I’d definitely add more red pepper paste. I made this recipe the next day with the left over batter (this recipe yields quite a lot) and It was more crispy because the batter was chilled.

The only downside is that I did find it a little oily probably because I used korean pancake flour rather than flour and egg. Flour and egg would make the batter more lighter and more crisp. Next time, i’ll change the portions of the frying and pancake flour and let you know.

The original recipe can be found out :

See you next time!


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I really enjoy cooking and thought I'd blog about new recipes that I try.
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One Response to SiGeumChi JangTteok 시금치 장떡

  1. Eva says:

    spinach! i love spinach! i eat it (almost) everyday. will definitely be trying this one, but with egg!

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