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Taiwanese Salt/Pepper Fried Chicken

Hey everyone, I don’t often deepfry things, but my friend told me about this recipe and I just had to try it! Well actually, this is a 2nd recipe I tried… the first was a total failure and didn’t match … Continue reading

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Claypot Pepper Pork Recipe (Thit Kho Tieu)

Okay so this recipe.. the Caramel Syrup was so annoying to make. Took me a few times because I either made it too watery or I didn’t add enough water so when it cooled, it turned into candy. Anyways, on … Continue reading

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Kimchi Jjigae (김치찌개)

Okay so I tried this earlier this week because it was really simple and I didn’t have time to stay in the kitchen to cook. I tooked it in an individual clay pot over a gas burner because I don’t … Continue reading

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