Vietnemese Shrimp Rolls and Fish dipping sauce

Hey everyone!

Last week I forgot to upload a picture of scones that some of my friends and family requests for the past few years.

LEMON SCONES!!! these make the house smell great and taste amazing at the same time. The recipe can be found at : I add 1/4th more butter and a squeeze of 1/4th of a lemon because I like that slight sour-ness it gives off as you eat them.

Back to the rolls..

I wanted to make these because.. they just taste plain good haha. I first asked my friend how to make the fish-sauce dipping sauce (tongue twister..) – Nuoc Mam. She roughly told me that it requires sugar, water, vinegar, and fish sauce all boiled together without any proportions other than finding the right mix that I like. That led me to search online for a recipe.

I found the following recipe:

I only used some of the items from the youtube video and they are as follows: 3 cups of water, 3/4 cup of fish sauce, 1 cup of white sugar, 2/3 cup of vinegar.

I dissolved the sugar first into the water and added the other two ingredients and it let come to a simmer so all the flavors can mix together. Make sure to have your vents turned on because the smell is fairly strong.

I added a little more fish sauce and water because I found the vinegar to be too strong. Once you have found your “mix”, transfer to a container to cool.

Before using, chop up some thai red chili’s and mix it into your sauce to add some heat.

Now for the rolls,

I boiled shrimp (shell on, de-veined). Boiled pork belly with a little salt. While these two items were cooling down, I prepared cucumber, green lettuce, cilantro, thai basil, and vermicelli. Afterwards, take the shells off the shrimp and cut the pork belly into slices. Have a bowl of warm water on the side for your rice paper.

I just did with my friend did when we had our potluck, quickly rotate the paper in the water like a waterwheel. Make sure all the rice paper has touched the warm water. It should be still a little hard, however, it will soften up as you place your ingredients onto it. Lay the rice paper flat on surface, preferably a cutting board, and lay the desired amount of each ingredient to your preference. However, don’t add too much thai basil and only a few sprigs of cilantro as they are very strong herbs.

I typically fold the bottom (the side of rice paper closest to you) and then the sides as I lay my ingredients parallel to myself as opposed to laying the ingredients perpendicular to my body when I make spring rolls.

Serve with a small bowl of Nuoc Mam with red chili’s and enjoy 🙂

The original recipe for Nuoc Mam can be found at :


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