ThaiBasil and Eggplant

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay. I made this last weekend – and I don’t have anything to make this weekend because it’s been a pretty long week.

Thai Basil and Eggplant.

Because I had a lot of left over thai basil from making the shrimp rolls, I used the power of google to find this recipe. Most of the ingredients I had on hand, just needed to buy the chinese eggplant.

Thai basil, fish sauce, garlic, sugar, and red chili pepper. I added lean ground pork and tofu (shouldn’t have added the tofu — i’ll explain later) because I needed to clean out the fridge.

I added the garlic, chili, and pork first to brown.

Afterwards, I added the eggplant,tofu, and water. Leave uncovered so the water can evaporate. The water will boil and cook the ingredients. Once the water has evaporated, I threw in the thai basil, sugar, and fish sauce and stirred. I had to remove the tofu because it was in the way!

I let it cook for minute so the flavor of the basil and fish sauce can be absorbed by the eggplant and pork.


The tofu make it look kinda gross, but this is a pretty good meal when you don’t have a lot of time. It took about 10 minutes since ground pork, tofu, and eggplant cook quickly.

The recipe can be found at:


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I really enjoy cooking and thought I'd blog about new recipes that I try.
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